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“Order, Questions to the Prime Minster”

Prime Minsters Question’s is often talked about as the “shop window” of politics, the most watched debate of the parliamentary week and frankly it’s an embarrassment. The constant braying and shouting by Government and Opposition MPs and the sniping between the Leader of Opposition and the Prime Minster must fuel the public’s disillusionment with politics.

One of the few things I agree with newly enthroned Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, on is the need to change PMQs and end the pantomime it has become. This is what he told the Huffington Post after his election:

“I want Prime Minister’s Question Time to be less theatre, more fact, less theatrical, more understandable. I think it’s very exciting for political obsessives, it’s utterly boring for most of the population, who think it’s an utter irrelevance.”

If you’ve ever watched any other Ministerial Question Time you will often see a friendly rapport between Shadow and Government ministers, in which considerable care and attention is given to answering questions. Thus allowing the opposition to actually hold the Government to account – the Prime Minster could learn something from that!

Corbyn needs to do something very quickly to improve PMQs, he needs to tell his party to stop braying and shouting during the session and encourage the other opposition parties (I’m looking at you SNP) to do this same. This will make the opposition look considered, almost mature, whilst making the Conservatives look more and more like children. I’m sure if this happened, the Government benches would soon fall silent too.

Perhaps too, extending Prime Minsters Question’s to an hour (like Ministerial Questions already is) without significantly increasing the number of questions would allow more careful and considered answers. At the moment the sessions feels like a rush, with the PM trying to give short answers that make his Government look good and also embarrass the Opposition.

Corbyn has tried something unique already, he’s asked people to submit questions via Twitter – needless to say this had led to some ridiculous suggestions. But in principle the idea is a good one, getting people to engage with politics is necessary to end public disillusionment.

This is a move in the right direction, although I’m not sure it will last. I don’t know about you, but I certainly feel sorry for Corbyn and his team having to sift through 60,000 suggestions to find just six to ask at 12 o’clock tomorrow, but look forward to seeing what is asked.

Do we need to restore some order to the Prime Minister’s Question Time? Do we need to restore some order to the Prime Minister’s Question Time?

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Author: Edward Molyneux 

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Here’s why polling should be included in your social strategy

Before we start…

Social media has changed the way society works. Everyone who is anyone is sharing, chatting, boasting, commiserating, buying, selling and connecting online.

The top three sites that brands use for marketing are LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Although these sites are possibly similar in source code, they are very different in the way that they serve their users. Facebook joins friends and family together to share their lives; Twitter unites people across the globe around topical issues, hobbies and news; LinkedIn is for business, connecting colleagues and associates and facilitating knowledge sharing.

I’d like to tell you about a new type of social media, the social polling network.

What on earth is social polling?

Social polling networks are all about questioning opinions and debating. Instead of sharing updates or statuses like on many other sites, you share polls and … Read more on LinkedIn.

Peepoc News

You may have noticed that Peepoc has changed over the last week. Now you can see the hottest topics being discussed and get involved with ‘Trending Polls’. If you are a keen poll poster then you will be pleased to know you might reach the top of our ‘Leaderboard’! And if that wasn’t incentive enough to get posting polls, then you can also enter to win an iPad mini by polling too! Find out more here.

For those of you who aren’t sure how to make the most of Peepoc, there is a handy hints & tips widget to help you get started.

We have a massive new feature up our sleeve… No details will be divulged for now, but rest assured that the team are very excited and we know you will love it! All will be revealed in two weeks’ time. Come back then….

What is this Social Polling malarkey anyway?

We all know that social media is “taking over the world”. So why wouldn’t it change the way that we poll, vote, survey and quantify opinions?

Traditionally a poll might be created online and the link is sent out to participants. The results are then collated by the publisher and used for whatever it was intended. This is a very one-dimensional way to get opinions.

This is what Peepoc believes Social Polling is:

A method of collecting opinions via social networks, involving large numbers of willing participants, who choose their own agenda.

People join a social polling network in order to help make decisions, discuss current affairs, share their opinions, debate and have their own opinions validated. Users decide the agenda, rather than traditional polls which are used for one reason only – as market research. Once a poll has been created on a social polling network, it then gets debated and discussed, which is what is lacking in the traditional method.

If you are interested in seeing first-hand how social polling works, sign up to be a Peepoc beta user.

You can spend as much or as little time as you would like. Got a spare minute in the lift avoiding your chairman? Waiting in the Post Office queue to renew your tax disc (does anyone still do that?) Stuck in a traffic jam for the foreseeable future (of course we are not suggesting that you use your phone illegally). Well then, you have plenty of time to try Peepoc for yourself.

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