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“Order, Questions to the Prime Minster”

Prime Minsters Question’s is often talked about as the “shop window” of politics, the most watched debate of the parliamentary week and frankly it’s an embarrassment. The constant braying and shouting by Government and Opposition MPs and the sniping between the Leader of Opposition and the Prime Minster must fuel the public’s disillusionment with politics.

One of the few things I agree with newly enthroned Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, on is the need to change PMQs and end the pantomime it has become. This is what he told the Huffington Post after his election:

“I want Prime Minister’s Question Time to be less theatre, more fact, less theatrical, more understandable. I think it’s very exciting for political obsessives, it’s utterly boring for most of the population, who think it’s an utter irrelevance.”

If you’ve ever watched any other Ministerial Question Time you will often see a friendly rapport between Shadow and Government ministers, in which considerable care and attention is given to answering questions. Thus allowing the opposition to actually hold the Government to account – the Prime Minster could learn something from that!

Corbyn needs to do something very quickly to improve PMQs, he needs to tell his party to stop braying and shouting during the session and encourage the other opposition parties (I’m looking at you SNP) to do this same. This will make the opposition look considered, almost mature, whilst making the Conservatives look more and more like children. I’m sure if this happened, the Government benches would soon fall silent too.

Perhaps too, extending Prime Minsters Question’s to an hour (like Ministerial Questions already is) without significantly increasing the number of questions would allow more careful and considered answers. At the moment the sessions feels like a rush, with the PM trying to give short answers that make his Government look good and also embarrass the Opposition.

Corbyn has tried something unique already, he’s asked people to submit questions via Twitter – needless to say this had led to some ridiculous suggestions. But in principle the idea is a good one, getting people to engage with politics is necessary to end public disillusionment.

This is a move in the right direction, although I’m not sure it will last. I don’t know about you, but I certainly feel sorry for Corbyn and his team having to sift through 60,000 suggestions to find just six to ask at 12 o’clock tomorrow, but look forward to seeing what is asked.

Do we need to restore some order to the Prime Minister’s Question Time? Do we need to restore some order to the Prime Minister’s Question Time?

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Author: Edward Molyneux 

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10 things that Peepoc is awesome for:

Peepoc is a community voting app. You can sign up for free and vote on all kinds of different polls, then create your own if you fancy. It’s been designed for all sorts of reasons but here are 10 awesome ways you can use Peepoc:

1. Entertainment
You’ll find polls on everything; news, politics, TV, film, fashion, beauty, philosophy, animal rights, silly stories and plenty more. Get voting and we are sure you will find it really entertaining.

2. Making a Decision
Post a poll and ask your followers to help with your decision. Simples!

3. Boredom Buster
Stuck on a train for ages? I bet you will find voting on Peepoc polls is really addictive.

4. Blogging Tool
Peepoc is a free tool that you can use to survey the opinions of your readers and help give another dimension to your blog posts. Create a following on Peepoc and send those users to your blog using Peepoc polls. Find out How Bloggers Use Peepoc.

5. Engaging With Users/Customers
People like to feel listened to; by posting a poll you give them a chance to have a say and listen to what their opinions are.

6. Meetings and Social Events
You know what it’s like trying to get a group of friends or colleagues together, it can be a nightmare! Use Peepoc to give people an option to decide on a date/time and then go with the one that most people can attend. Easy peasy.

7. Local Political Lobbying
There are loads of people out there who have an opinion on local issues such as parking, vandalism, bus routes being shut down etc. However, only a few get their picket board out and make a stand! Peepoc is for the silent majority who want to have a say. It can work wonders… see how it works in the community.

8. Education
Some polls are very educational, particularly the politics ones. This isn’t just your typical “social network”, it’s much more useful and insightful. The only way for you to see for sure is to download the app and try it out.

9. Fun
I know I have said it already but Peepoc is addictive! Loads of our users have said so. There are plenty of silly polls around crazy news stories that are really fun to vote on. Try it out!

10. Free Website Widget
We all like freebies don’t we? Well you can improve your website or blog by adding Peepoc polls or communities for free. Find out how to embed Peepoc polls onto your site.

Log on to Peepoc to start polling!

Do you standby on issues you care about?

I’m sure there are many of you reading this who have felt passionately about a local issue but done no more than have a rant on Facebook. Does that sound true? There are only a few of us who are prepared to grab a picket board and get down to your local town centre to stop the building of yet another coffee house. Peepoc is a way for you to get your opinion heard without having to commit a large amount of time and effort.

It takes seconds to sign up and create a poll, or a single second to click the vote button anonymously (without signing up).

The type of things that you might be interested in are:

  • Speed bumps and changes in the speed limit.
  • Number of potholes and damaged road surfaces.
  • Building of new homes.
  • The closing down of the post-office.
  • The ceasing of a major bus route.
  • Dog poop in the local park!
  • Not enough parking in the town centre.

These issues might not be burning in the national political landscape, but they might be a daily nightmare that you have to endure.

Get together with your neighbours and let Peepoc raise your voice so you can be heard by the people who control change. Log in to create or vote on a local poll now.


Check out what we have been up to…

Our lovely developers Ivan, Ewa and the rest of the team have been working tirelessly to make some big changes to Peepoc.

Log on and take a look. Notice a difference?

  • You now have two activity feeds:
    • Polls- shows you all of the polls posted by the people that you follow and from your communities, just as it does now.
    • Activity- tells you if someone has commented on a poll that you have also commented on, or if you have any new followers.
  • You will also notice that polls have changed too. In order to see the results of a poll, you must vote – this means voters won’t be swayed by what others have answered.


Have Your Say on Peepoc

Peepoc for Bloggers

Peepoc is a free tool for bloggers. It allows you to create interactive and engaging blogs using the power of polls. It takes seconds to post a poll and embed it into your blog, giving you the chance to survey your readers and really understand them and their opinions.

Peepoc is also an external platform (a social polling network) to create a community of followers to debate and discuss topics and market your blog to. Gain new readers and embrace a brand new social network now. There is an infinite number of polls to post, the only limit is your imagination!

Lots of blogs are very one dimensional. If you choose to embed polls into your blog then you can leap ahead of those bloggers and really stand out. Get some inspiration for Peepoc polls on your blog.

Learn how to embed polls into your blog.

Our ears are burning…

Here are just a few bloggers who are talking about Peepoc:


“Peepoc is a new and innovative way to join a community with similar values and opinions to yourself. Easy to interact and talk to other users as well as create your own community for friends to join and interact in.”

Neesha writes a blog about beauty, lifestyle, fashion and homeware. You can read the review in full and check out her blog here: Reinventing Neesha


Menorca at Europe Diaries is an expat who writes a travel and European blog. At first glance she said “It looks like a whole lot of fun and I am sure it’s addictive”. The following day she continued “I have voted on more than 50 already!”


Ashley is another beauty blogger and she lives in Glasgow. Her roundup of Peepoc is simple, “I adore this app!” You can read her blog here: Hiya It’s Ashley


Melanie at the beautiful Whim Magazine is quoted saying that Peepoc is “a vital tool for anyone running a blog or website.” Whim has an impressive site focussing on fashion, art and photography.


Mandy blogs about allsorts from fashion, to travel and animals. What she said is Peepoc “gets you interacting with your followers on a whole different level.” Read the full review: One Slice of Lemon.


Ben at WhoisBen said “I shouldn’t think you’ll find an easier or more intuitive option.” I don’t think we could have said it better ourselves! Ben’s blog is written for men, by a man!


Fashion Bride is a fashion blog and blogger Serena has found a new use for Peepoc that even we didn’t think of: “May sound crazy to think such a platform can help you for your wedding but it sure does!” Read what Serena has to say.


Find out how you can use Peepoc to make your blog more interactive and interesting.

Stop political bullying. They should be setting an example.



During with Paxman and the Leader’s Debate I was horrified by the bullying of Ed Miliband. Paxman called him a geek and told him that his brother would do a better job. We wouldn’t accept this behaviour of children so why is it ok for celebrities and the leaders of this country?

Yesterday Ed Miliband and Boris Johnson came to blows on the Andrew Marr Show. Boris got personal by stating that David Miliband would “do less damage” than his brother. Poor Ed must be rather bored by this snipe, he seems to get it rather a lot.

Before you think I am a Labour voter, in fact I’m from a Tory background and that is how I shall be voting on May 7th. Miliband himself is not much better afterall, calling Cameron ‘dodgy’ and ‘rotten’ publically during the Prime Minister’s Question Time.

Why are they allowed to carry on being vile to one another when our hard working teachers and child care professionals are busy teaching children to be nice and caring to each other? Something is not right with this situation.


Author: Anon


Don’t take our word for it…

Here at Peepoc HQ we think our website & apps are pretty great (of course!). We don’t expect you to take our word for it though, here’s what some of our users say:


“Peepoc can be quite addictive! The polls can be fun, amusing or political so you get a bit of everything. It’s really entertaining!” Ade, one of Peepoc’s Polling Queens!


“I shouldn’t think you’ll find an easier or more intuitive option.” Read the full article that Ben has written about Peepoc polls on his blog.


Serena writes a Bridal Fashion blog and has come up with a very different use for Peepoc, even we didn’t think of it… “May sound crazy to think such a platform can help you for your wedding but it sure does!”


Jess is one of our first Peepoc users, she says “It’s addictive! Once you start answering polls it’s hard to stop!” Read her full review on the Google Play Store.


“This app brings users together to discuss whatever they feel passionately about in a fast moving and engaging, yet simple format.” This is Mark who is also talking about the Peepoc Android app.


We love to hear your feedback, good or bad, so please do send it to info@peepoc.com or tweet us @Peepoc1.

Debating just got easier for iPhone users!

You will now get the little red iOS notifications on your iPhone and iPad home screen when there is something cool happening on Peepoc. This will make sure you always know what is going on within Peepoc and when there is something you need to take a look at.


These notifications will let you know when:

– You get a comment on your poll

– Someone replies to your comment

– Your poll hits a milestone number of votes

– Someone starts following you


Don’t forget you can always disable push notifications from within your iPhone settings. Or if you want to change your Peepoc notification preferences you can do so within Settings.





A nifty new development…

…just for our bloggers!

Peepoc’ers can embed polls and communities into their blog posts in just a few clicks (and a paste). It’s a great feature that allows your blog to be more interactive and gets your readers engaged.

Now people have the option to vote without logging in which we’re sure will help to increase the number of votes your polls receive. If they decide to register later on their votes will still be counted and you will have yourself another follower!


Some of our users asked:

What kind of polls should I embed?


The answer is:

Absolutely anything that your readers care about. For example,

– Are you a film buff? Find out if your readers agree with your film reviews

– Writing a political blog? You may wish to ask them their political persuasion

– Blogging about your love life? Find out how many dates it takes before a couple is official!

– Writing a beauty blog? You could ask which brand of lipstick readers prefer.

– Blogging about parenting? There are so many polls to post, the possibilities are endless!


If you want some help, tweet us @Peepoc1 or email info@peepoc.com. We’d love to hear from you.