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Bath College IT Students Test Peepoc



On Wednesday the 21st of October we had the pleasure of visiting the IT students at Bath College. During the morning we conducted a user testing session where the students searched for bugs and we discussed the UI and how it could be improved.


The students came up with loads of suggestions which we are now working through with the development team. We are already starting to make the changes and would like to say a big thankyou to everyone involved for being such a great help. As you can see, they tested on various phones, tablets and PCs to ensure we tested a wide variety of platforms.


Our co-founder Emily Thompson also joined a Q&A session where she talked about starting out in the technology industry and answered some questions on securing a job and ways to improve your CV.


Want to make a change locally? Peepoc can help.

Peepoc is a useful tool for communities to collectively share their opinion in order to be heard by local councils and politicians.
There’s a great example recently where the following poll was posted into a Peepoc community for the town of Marlborough in Wiltshire, UK.

Should more affordable homes be built in Marlborough instead of more retirement homes?

— asked by Emily Thompson

As you can see, there were over 250 votes and an overwhelming majority who were in favour of affordable homes rather than retirement homes. The local paper, The Harold and Gazette picked up the story and published it which was a great win for the residents of Marlborough. The next step is to speak to the council about it which we believe is in progress.


The difference between a petition and a poll is simple; a petition does not give the option to vote against what the cause is.

Do you stand by on issues that you care about? Can’t be bothered with the picket board? Peepoc can help raise your voice without you having to shout. Find out more.
Why not try creating your own local poll and sharing it on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook? You might be able to make a change for the better in your local community.

Check out what we have been up to…

Our lovely developers Ivan, Ewa and the rest of the team have been working tirelessly to make some big changes to Peepoc.

Log on and take a look. Notice a difference?

  • You now have two activity feeds:
    • Polls- shows you all of the polls posted by the people that you follow and from your communities, just as it does now.
    • Activity- tells you if someone has commented on a poll that you have also commented on, or if you have any new followers.
  • You will also notice that polls have changed too. In order to see the results of a poll, you must vote – this means voters won’t be swayed by what others have answered.


Have Your Say on Peepoc

Our ears are burning…

Here are just a few bloggers who are talking about Peepoc:


“Peepoc is a new and innovative way to join a community with similar values and opinions to yourself. Easy to interact and talk to other users as well as create your own community for friends to join and interact in.”

Neesha writes a blog about beauty, lifestyle, fashion and homeware. You can read the review in full and check out her blog here: Reinventing Neesha


Menorca at Europe Diaries is an expat who writes a travel and European blog. At first glance she said “It looks like a whole lot of fun and I am sure it’s addictive”. The following day she continued “I have voted on more than 50 already!”


Ashley is another beauty blogger and she lives in Glasgow. Her roundup of Peepoc is simple, “I adore this app!” You can read her blog here: Hiya It’s Ashley


Melanie at the beautiful Whim Magazine is quoted saying that Peepoc is “a vital tool for anyone running a blog or website.” Whim has an impressive site focussing on fashion, art and photography.


Mandy blogs about allsorts from fashion, to travel and animals. What she said is Peepoc “gets you interacting with your followers on a whole different level.” Read the full review: One Slice of Lemon.


Ben at WhoisBen said “I shouldn’t think you’ll find an easier or more intuitive option.” I don’t think we could have said it better ourselves! Ben’s blog is written for men, by a man!


Fashion Bride is a fashion blog and blogger Serena has found a new use for Peepoc that even we didn’t think of: “May sound crazy to think such a platform can help you for your wedding but it sure does!” Read what Serena has to say.


Find out how you can use Peepoc to make your blog more interactive and interesting.

Don’t take our word for it…

Here at Peepoc HQ we think our website & apps are pretty great (of course!). We don’t expect you to take our word for it though, here’s what some of our users say:


“Peepoc can be quite addictive! The polls can be fun, amusing or political so you get a bit of everything. It’s really entertaining!” Ade, one of Peepoc’s Polling Queens!


“I shouldn’t think you’ll find an easier or more intuitive option.” Read the full article that Ben has written about Peepoc polls on his blog.


Serena writes a Bridal Fashion blog and has come up with a very different use for Peepoc, even we didn’t think of it… “May sound crazy to think such a platform can help you for your wedding but it sure does!”


Jess is one of our first Peepoc users, she says “It’s addictive! Once you start answering polls it’s hard to stop!” Read her full review on the Google Play Store.


“This app brings users together to discuss whatever they feel passionately about in a fast moving and engaging, yet simple format.” This is Mark who is also talking about the Peepoc Android app.


We love to hear your feedback, good or bad, so please do send it to info@peepoc.com or tweet us @Peepoc1.

What really grinds my gears? ‘Space Invaders’


Does anyone else know the term ‘space invaders’? No, I am not talking about the 10p crisps or indeed the 80’s arcade game. I am talking about those people who fill me with a sense of dread and rage, those people with a distinct lack of etiquette who insist on invading my personal space.

Where space invaders bother me the most are in queues. Particularly the post office for some reason. Why do they feel the need to stand so close? They seem to think that if they inch forward a few millimetres that they will get served quicker. The moment I sense a space invader each muscle in my body clenches and my blood boils. Why don’t these people understand that there is an invisible force field around each person that should not be entered by anyone uninvited? It is rude! Yes, I know I am terribly British, moaning about queues, etiquette and rudeness but I don’t care. I hate space invaders and wish they would all back up… Just a bit!

Some space invaders are people you know. They have no hearing problems but they insist on standing centimetres from your face during a conversation, so close that you can smell what they had for breakfast and you are forced to edge backwards until you are against a wall, all the while plotting how to make a swift getaway.

Please tell me I am not alone in this? Do you hate space invaders too?

Or perhaps, you are a space invader! I would love to know why you do it. What joy do you get from trespassing in my personal space, something I guard fiercely, and will do anything to protect?


Phew. Rant over. Now I want to hear your rants. Send them in to rant@peepoc.com.

Author: Emily Thompson



The draw to win an iPad is happening on the 16th of January! We are giving everyone a chance to enter by joining us for a bit of hashtag fun on Twitter.

All you need to do is take your favourite childhood character (TV, book, movie or comic, it doesn’t matter) and mashup with some tasty food. We had a go but I bet you can do better…


  • Puddington Bear
  • Sooty and Sweets
  • Bob the Bulgar
  • Fireman Samosa
  • Alice in Worthersland


Be sure to include the hashtag #GourmetCharacters

If you want to be entered to win the iPad, go here and paste the tweet link into our Rafflecopter prize draw.

Register with and share polls via LinkedIn

You can now register and sign-in to Peepoc using your LinkedIn credentials, and also share polls.

Why not join these communities:

Or start one of your own. You could create a community of:

  • Colleagues – to poll and debate issues within your organisation.
  • Candidates – recruiters can use Peepoc to poll candidates on motivation, skills and preferences.
  • Clients – use Peepoc to get feedback from clients and involve them in your development process.

Peepoc is yours, use it to suit your personal or business needs.


News Roundup 11th December

Over in South Africa, it has been a big week for their justice system. Oscar Pistorius has made front page again, as prosecutors have won the right to appeal his “culpable homicide” charge. It appears many have found his sentence too lenient, what do you say?

Shrien Dewani has been cleared of murdering his wife. A South African judge dismissed the case against the British businessman after condemning the evidence of the chief prosecution witness. Do you believe he is innocent?

Across the Indian Ocean to Australia; they have experienced the hottest month on record, and the Solar Energy community are asking, is the rise in temperature due to global warming. What do you think the answer is?

Back in Europe, the UK has been bit by a ‘weather bomb’, after sceptics dismissed it as media hype. One poll poster asked, “do you think a Weather Bomb is coming to get us?” Were you one of the sceptics?

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Peepoc News

You may have noticed that Peepoc has changed over the last week. Now you can see the hottest topics being discussed and get involved with ‘Trending Polls’. If you are a keen poll poster then you will be pleased to know you might reach the top of our ‘Leaderboard’! And if that wasn’t incentive enough to get posting polls, then you can also enter to win an iPad mini by polling too! Find out more here.

For those of you who aren’t sure how to make the most of Peepoc, there is a handy hints & tips widget to help you get started.

We have a massive new feature up our sleeve… No details will be divulged for now, but rest assured that the team are very excited and we know you will love it! All will be revealed in two weeks’ time. Come back then….