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Peepoc are sponsoring a Meet Up!

Moving to a new area can be daunting. As we get older our friends move away to different places and it becomes harder to meet new people. At some stage we need to find a way to broaden our social circles; this is why we are sponsoring a meet up!

Peepoc will be giving free drinks to members of the Newbury Local Politics Meet Up who want to have a chat and network with like minded people.

Although the icebreaker might be politics, it’s a social and fun event which we hope to blossom into a regular thing.

Join us on 27th of January at 7pm in Newbury pub (exact venue to be confirmed) and take advantage of the free drinks!

Sign up now…


Win a Kindle Paperwhite – Complete Our 2 Minute Survey

Peepoc are in the process of creating a brand new website that we are calling ‘Community Campaigner’. It is being developed for the public to raise issues with their local politicians easily and transparently. But first we need your help by completing our survey…

We would appreciate 2 minutes (if that!) of your time to share your experiences of local issues and any contact you might have had with your local Councillors or MP, or to find out if you even know their names! Individual responses are anonymous, so there’s no need to worry.

take the peepoc survey
kindle Take the Peepoc survey to help us build a community campaigner


Win A Kindle – SURVEY Ts & Cs

– You can complete the survey anonymously but you will NOT be eligible to win the kindle or the vouchers.
– The Draw will take place on 1st of February 2016 by random selection from those who complete the survey and provide their name and email address.
– The Draw prize is a Kindle Paperwhite + wifi valued at £109.99 by
– The first 5 people who enter and provide their name and email address will receive a voucher on email within 30 days of the closing date.
– Vouchers are non-refundable and no cash alternatives are available.

Community Campaigner by Peepoc

Something exciting is coming…

Peepoc are in the process of researching a new website; for the moment we are calling it Community Campaigner. It will be a site designed to connect you (the general public) with your local politicians.

Should the speed limit be lowered in your local area? Is there a lack of street lightening? Is your council poor at recycling? Is it time your local park was refreshed? Is parking a nightmare in the city centre? You can use Community Campaigner to raise issues with all of your councillors and the MP without needing their contact details; Peepoc sorts that for you.

By sharing on social media you can invite your neighbours, colleagues, friends and family to get involved to support your debate and encourage the politicians to make a change. The more support you muster, the more seriously your issue will be taken.

Politicians will be more likely to respond to an issue raised on this site because of the transparency; they must be seen to address your ideas or problems thoroughly. Subtly adding pressure to them by making it visible to everyone and inviting their political colleagues and competition candidates will give your issue the best possible fighting chance at winning.

We are hosting a Resident’s Forum in Newbury, West Berkshire on Monday the 14th of December where we hope to meet some of our neighbours and ask them about their experiences of raising issues with their local representatives to help us ensure we build the best possible website. Email us at if you are interested in attending or for more information.

Keep an eye out on our blog for more information about this idea.

community campaigner - have your say


Bath College IT Students Test Peepoc



On Wednesday the 21st of October we had the pleasure of visiting the IT students at Bath College. During the morning we conducted a user testing session where the students searched for bugs and we discussed the UI and how it could be improved.


The students came up with loads of suggestions which we are now working through with the development team. We are already starting to make the changes and would like to say a big thankyou to everyone involved for being such a great help. As you can see, they tested on various phones, tablets and PCs to ensure we tested a wide variety of platforms.


Our co-founder Emily Thompson also joined a Q&A session where she talked about starting out in the technology industry and answered some questions on securing a job and ways to improve your CV.


PR and Marketing Executive

A unique opportunity to work for an exciting start-up! needs to find the perfect person to spread the word about our Community Voting apps and website.

You must be confident and happy to pick up the phone to talk to political professionals about Peepoc, arrange meetings and plan PR campaigns.

The ideal candidate will have an entrepreneurial flair, drive and ability to work autonomously. In return you will be part of an exciting new company with the freedom to define your own role.


What you’ll be doing:

– Sourcing contacts.

– Emailing councillors, MP’s, and other contacts within public sector departments.

– Following up emails with calls to share the Peepoc vision, with the aim to arrange meetings.

– Attending meetings across the UK.

– Building relationships with journalists and pitch stories to the press.

– Writing interesting blogs and website content.

– Creating a successful social media strategy.

– Managing the website in accordance to SEO best practice.

– Work with PR and Software Development Agencies


What we need from you:

– At least 3 years PR and marketing experience

– Exceptional personal and relationship building skills.

– Happy to work autonomously and with minimal direction.

– Entrepreneurial and commercial minded.

– Willing to travel to meetings.

– Passionate and enthusiastic, but always professional.

– A positive mental attitude!


What we would love from you:

– Experience within politics.

– PR training or education.

– Sales or telemarketing experience.

– Knowledge and training in SEO.


Why you’ll love this role:

– You’ll have the ability to work from home.

– Define your own working day.

– Your own company phone.

– Amazing career opportunity.

– Part of a growing and exciting business.


To apply please write us a fabulous covering letter telling us why you like what you have read and why you would be perfect for this role. Send along with your CV to

* Recruiters – we work with some brilliant agencies and will be using them if we need to so no need for you to apply, thanks! *

Peepoc for Web Designers

Are you a website designer? We get it. You are always on the lookout for the latest trends and ways to make your clients the highest ROI. Want to stand out from your competitors? We have a way…

Polls are a great way to increase engagement; make customers and readers feel engaged with a brand by asking them to share their opinions. Peepoc polls are hosted in an online community of people who love debating and sharing their opinions, this can drive traffic to your website if you choose to have a public poll.

Peepoc polls are free and it’s totally free to embed them in your client’s website or blog.

Find out how to embed a poll into your site. Give it a try now!


Marlborough Debate Community

Check out what we have been up to…

Our lovely developers Ivan, Ewa and the rest of the team have been working tirelessly to make some big changes to Peepoc.

Log on and take a look. Notice a difference?

  • You now have two activity feeds:
    • Polls- shows you all of the polls posted by the people that you follow and from your communities, just as it does now.
    • Activity- tells you if someone has commented on a poll that you have also commented on, or if you have any new followers.
  • You will also notice that polls have changed too. In order to see the results of a poll, you must vote – this means voters won’t be swayed by what others have answered.


Have Your Say on Peepoc

Get rewarded for Peepoc’ing!


Peepoc is a social polling network (in case you didn’t know!); a place for communities of people to poll and debate on the things that they care about.

We are looking for product testers to play with it and give us essential feedback to help us make it fantastic! You will be required to:


  • Sign up to
  • Create a profile – with picture and description
  • Follow 10 people
  • Subscribe to a community or create your own
  • Vote on 30 polls
  • Create 10 polls of your own
  • Share your polls on Facebook/Twitter/Linked (or all three!)
  • We hope you will find it fun and addictive! After you have completed the above, we will ask for your feedback and to answer a few questions.


This assignment won’t take too long, we estimate around an hour. Once you sign up to Peepoc you will see just how easy and quick it really is!

All you need is an internet connection and a sense of curiosity!

Email us at to find out more and to discuss compensation.





The five worst things to say during an argument with a colleague…

 An argument is defined as: “an exchange of diverging or opposite views, typically a heated or angry one.”  (Google)


Sometimes it happens. An innocent debate turns into an angry argument and you add fuel to the fire without even thinking about it. Here are the five most infuriating and ignorant things you can say:


5) You have no idea what you are talking about – even if they have got their facts wrong, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and this is a sure-fire way to add fuel to the fire.

4) No one else agrees with you  – is this a fact? Even if everyone has told you they agree with your point of view they might have been humouring you, and it isn’t your place to pass on their opinions. Also, is it really likely that no one else in the world agrees?

3) You are a fool/idiot/other expletives – you know this is terribly rude, you don’t need me to say it.

2) How dare you – this is very aggressive. Never say this. Ever! Narcissistic behaviour at its worst.

1) You’re wrong – this is pig ignorant! At the end of the argument you can agree to disagree, part ways amicably, ending it with ‘you’re wrong’ leaves a bitter taste in their mouth and makes you appear like an arrogant fool.


Just to recap – avoid using any of these!

The best way to prevent an argument is to ask questions instead of making statements. Bear in mind that opinions are not facts and however strongly you feel about it, you shouldn’t enter a debate wishing to change the view of the other person (even if you think they are a fool!).

This might sound like it’s stating the obvious but you would be surprised how many people don’t follow these rules…

Don’t forget, instead of arguing with a colleague, you could always use Peepoc to collect the votes of everyone involved to reach an amicable decision.




Don’t take our word for it…

Here at Peepoc HQ we think our website & apps are pretty great (of course!). We don’t expect you to take our word for it though, here’s what some of our users say:


“Peepoc can be quite addictive! The polls can be fun, amusing or political so you get a bit of everything. It’s really entertaining!” Ade, one of Peepoc’s Polling Queens!


“I shouldn’t think you’ll find an easier or more intuitive option.” Read the full article that Ben has written about Peepoc polls on his blog.


Serena writes a Bridal Fashion blog and has come up with a very different use for Peepoc, even we didn’t think of it… “May sound crazy to think such a platform can help you for your wedding but it sure does!”


Jess is one of our first Peepoc users, she says “It’s addictive! Once you start answering polls it’s hard to stop!” Read her full review on the Google Play Store.


“This app brings users together to discuss whatever they feel passionately about in a fast moving and engaging, yet simple format.” This is Mark who is also talking about the Peepoc Android app.


We love to hear your feedback, good or bad, so please do send it to or tweet us @Peepoc1.