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10 things that Peepoc is awesome for:

Peepoc is a community voting app. You can sign up for free and vote on all kinds of different polls, then create your own if you fancy. It’s been designed for all sorts of reasons but here are 10 awesome ways you can use Peepoc:

1. Entertainment
You’ll find polls on everything; news, politics, TV, film, fashion, beauty, philosophy, animal rights, silly stories and plenty more. Get voting and we are sure you will find it really entertaining.

2. Making a Decision
Post a poll and ask your followers to help with your decision. Simples!

3. Boredom Buster
Stuck on a train for ages? I bet you will find voting on Peepoc polls is really addictive.

4. Blogging Tool
Peepoc is a free tool that you can use to survey the opinions of your readers and help give another dimension to your blog posts. Create a following on Peepoc and send those users to your blog using Peepoc polls. Find out How Bloggers Use Peepoc.

5. Engaging With Users/Customers
People like to feel listened to; by posting a poll you give them a chance to have a say and listen to what their opinions are.

6. Meetings and Social Events
You know what it’s like trying to get a group of friends or colleagues together, it can be a nightmare! Use Peepoc to give people an option to decide on a date/time and then go with the one that most people can attend. Easy peasy.

7. Local Political Lobbying
There are loads of people out there who have an opinion on local issues such as parking, vandalism, bus routes being shut down etc. However, only a few get their picket board out and make a stand! Peepoc is for the silent majority who want to have a say. It can work wonders… see how it works in the community.

8. Education
Some polls are very educational, particularly the politics ones. This isn’t just your typical “social network”, it’s much more useful and insightful. The only way for you to see for sure is to download the app and try it out.

9. Fun
I know I have said it already but Peepoc is addictive! Loads of our users have said so. There are plenty of silly polls around crazy news stories that are really fun to vote on. Try it out!

10. Free Website Widget
We all like freebies don’t we? Well you can improve your website or blog by adding Peepoc polls or communities for free. Find out how to embed Peepoc polls onto your site.

Log on to Peepoc to start polling!

Do you standby on issues you care about?

I’m sure there are many of you reading this who have felt passionately about a local issue but done no more than have a rant on Facebook. Does that sound true? There are only a few of us who are prepared to grab a picket board and get down to your local town centre to stop the building of yet another coffee house. Peepoc is a way for you to get your opinion heard without having to commit a large amount of time and effort.

It takes seconds to sign up and create a poll, or a single second to click the vote button anonymously (without signing up).

The type of things that you might be interested in are:

  • Speed bumps and changes in the speed limit.
  • Number of potholes and damaged road surfaces.
  • Building of new homes.
  • The closing down of the post-office.
  • The ceasing of a major bus route.
  • Dog poop in the local park!
  • Not enough parking in the town centre.

These issues might not be burning in the national political landscape, but they might be a daily nightmare that you have to endure.

Get together with your neighbours and let Peepoc raise your voice so you can be heard by the people who control change. Log in to create or vote on a local poll now.


Want to make a change locally? Peepoc can help.

Peepoc is a useful tool for communities to collectively share their opinion in order to be heard by local councils and politicians.
There’s a great example recently where the following poll was posted into a Peepoc community for the town of Marlborough in Wiltshire, UK.

Should more affordable homes be built in Marlborough instead of more retirement homes?

— asked by Emily Thompson

As you can see, there were over 250 votes and an overwhelming majority who were in favour of affordable homes rather than retirement homes. The local paper, The Harold and Gazette picked up the story and published it which was a great win for the residents of Marlborough. The next step is to speak to the council about it which we believe is in progress.


The difference between a petition and a poll is simple; a petition does not give the option to vote against what the cause is.

Do you stand by on issues that you care about? Can’t be bothered with the picket board? Peepoc can help raise your voice without you having to shout. Find out more.
Why not try creating your own local poll and sharing it on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook? You might be able to make a change for the better in your local community.

Getting Over a Writer’s Block

It happens to the best of us. You sit there trying to write but nothing is coming to you. Frustration sets in and nothing seems to work. All you need to do is put pen to paper but it’s just not happening. Here are a few ways to combat Writer’s Block:


1. Take a minute.

I know your schedule might be hectic, but take at least 1 minute out. Close your eyes. Reflect. Meditate. Check Facebook. Whatever you need to do to restart your brain.


2. Get some inspiration.

Read a post from your favourite blogger or author. Read some “motivation” quotes on Pinterest. There is plenty of inspiration out there if you are looking for it.


3. Earphones in, chill-out dubstep on.

I always find that I work better with my headphones in, working in my own little bubble. What also works for me is some calming chill-out dubstep. (Don’t judge me for my music taste, whatever works, works!)


4. Reassess the subject.

The chances are, if you are trying to write something and it’s not working it is either the wrong subject or the wrong angle. Have a think about why you can’t write it. Is it boring? Is it negative? Is it untruthful?


5. Ask the audience.

Finally, ask your readers what they think. Use Peepoc polls to engage your audience and ‘test the waters’ on your chosen topic. Get opinions and ideas for your next story. They care more than you think.

Tell us; how do you get over a writer’s block? Vote on the poll now.


Peepoc for Bloggers

Peepoc is a free tool for bloggers. It allows you to create interactive and engaging blogs using the power of polls. It takes seconds to post a poll and embed it into your blog, giving you the chance to survey your readers and really understand them and their opinions.

Peepoc is also an external platform (a social polling network) to create a community of followers to debate and discuss topics and market your blog to. Gain new readers and embrace a brand new social network now. There is an infinite number of polls to post, the only limit is your imagination!

Lots of blogs are very one dimensional. If you choose to embed polls into your blog then you can leap ahead of those bloggers and really stand out. Get some inspiration for Peepoc polls on your blog.

Learn how to embed polls into your blog.

How to make yours a #TopBlog

Your readers are pretty important to you, right? Let’s be honest, without them, what’s the point? Here are a few tips to help make yours a #TopBlog by caring about your readers:


  • Write about what your readers want to hear.

    ‘Content is king.’ Do your research, trawl Twitter for the trending hashtags, read the profiles of some of your users, read other blogs (no plagiarising of course) and make it interesting!


  • Show them who you are.

    I’m going to take a punt and say that your blog is an extension of you. If I am right, then you can let your personality out and show your readers who you are. A dry and emotionless blog is not going to engage your audience.

    If it’s not an extension of you, find your brand ‘tone of voice’ and stick to it.


  • Care about their opinions and what they think.

    If your readers don’t comment, then how do you know what their opinions are on the topics you are blogging about? There is an obvious way that you might be overlooking… Polls.

    Peepoc is a free polling network, it takes seconds to embed polls into your blog and it gives your readers a chance to talk to you and for you to care about their opinions. Find out more about Peepoc for Bloggers.


  • Engage them in debate.

    Whatever you are blogging about, from beauty to politics, people have opinions and they love to share them, if you will only give them a safe place to do so. Encourage debate, ask questions and post polls in order to get your readers talking.

    Create a free community in Peepoc for your readers to post polls and debate your blog topics, then embed it into your blog. It really is simple. Read about other bloggers that have used Peepoc.


  • Let it sparkle!

    Add pictures, videos, polls and pretty things if that’s what you fancy. Blogs should not only be interesting but also visually wonderful. Try new things and see what works for your readers.


Our ears are burning…

Here are just a few bloggers who are talking about Peepoc:


“Peepoc is a new and innovative way to join a community with similar values and opinions to yourself. Easy to interact and talk to other users as well as create your own community for friends to join and interact in.”

Neesha writes a blog about beauty, lifestyle, fashion and homeware. You can read the review in full and check out her blog here: Reinventing Neesha


Menorca at Europe Diaries is an expat who writes a travel and European blog. At first glance she said “It looks like a whole lot of fun and I am sure it’s addictive”. The following day she continued “I have voted on more than 50 already!”


Ashley is another beauty blogger and she lives in Glasgow. Her roundup of Peepoc is simple, “I adore this app!” You can read her blog here: Hiya It’s Ashley


Melanie at the beautiful Whim Magazine is quoted saying that Peepoc is “a vital tool for anyone running a blog or website.” Whim has an impressive site focussing on fashion, art and photography.


Mandy blogs about allsorts from fashion, to travel and animals. What she said is Peepoc “gets you interacting with your followers on a whole different level.” Read the full review: One Slice of Lemon.


Ben at WhoisBen said “I shouldn’t think you’ll find an easier or more intuitive option.” I don’t think we could have said it better ourselves! Ben’s blog is written for men, by a man!


Fashion Bride is a fashion blog and blogger Serena has found a new use for Peepoc that even we didn’t think of: “May sound crazy to think such a platform can help you for your wedding but it sure does!” Read what Serena has to say.


Find out how you can use Peepoc to make your blog more interactive and interesting.