What We Are

What Peepoc Really Is

Peepoc was founded by myself, Emily Thompson and Alister Esam back in 2014. We believe that us, the people, do not have a loud enough say on the things that we care about. The agenda is set by the 1% of the population’s most powerful, and the 99% don’t get a true say about how our country is run. Large surveys are conducted by independent bodies, however they are often paid for by an organisation with their own agenda. That doesn’t mean it’s always possible to get our voice heard correctly!

Our community voting tool.

We’ve created something that enables everyone to have a say on the things they care about. As a Peepoc’er you can join communities or create your own, then share your opinions with like-minded people. Perhaps, debate with people who have an opposite opinion to yourself! Anyone can create a poll, so you are welcome to create one (or many) about anything you like. You can set your own agenda.

The more people who vote on your polls, the better. You can share them via Facebook, Linked and Twitter, or by embedding them into your blog or website. There are so many ways you can ask people to get involved and share their opinions. After all, the more people, the louder our voice is!

Our aim is to create a loud enough voice for everyone to hear. To make change happen.